Nga Mahi me te Kaha

Gateway is workplace learning in a formalised learning arrangement set in an actual workplace, with clear understandings about the knowledge and skills to be attained, and the assessment of unit or achievement standards.

Gateway differs from work experience, which tends to be designed to give a student a taste of different occupations. The Gateway programme is for students who have, at this stage, decided in which work the direction they are going.


Jacqueline Guile

Gateway Coordinator, Teacher in Charge of Languages, Career Advisor

Gateway Objectives

Gateway’s objective is to deliver practical learning that leads to nationally recognised qualifications. In the process, students gain skills, knowledge and qualifications in their chosen pathways and are given the opportunity to decide whether this pathway is the right one for them.

Gateway builds on existing partnerships to develop new relationships between schools, Industry Training Organisations, and employers. This approach fits in with the Government’s development of the Youth Transition Initiative, including Modern Apprenticeships. Gateway also fits in well with the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) to provide further pathways and recognise a broader range of achievement within the learning environment.

Gateway provides students with the opportunity to gain specific vocational skills leading to future employment. Many students on the Gateway programme will benefit from making significant progress towards qualifications in their career of choice.

Gateway also enables EOHS to help our students by strengthening the range of career pathways into adult life and independence and thus fits in with the school mission statement which is:

East Otago High School will offer a wide range of educational experiences through maintaining a strong emphasis on academic programmes along with providing extensive recreational and outdoor opportunities for all students.