The revised NZ Curriculum requires students to be aware of societal issues, not only locally and nationally, but on the world stage. At East Otago High School, students are encouraged to consider themselves as members of a much larger community and therefore we welcome international students into our school.

At East Otago High School we celebrate our own bicultural heritage with a focus on Te Reo in our Year 7-10 language classes, our Kapahaka group and other community events.

Currently, we do not have any international students but we are exploring ways to grow our International Department through exchanges with other countries. Students who come to our school are fully submerged into everything to do with New Zealand and will be forced to interact by speaking in English. Some see this as a distinct advantage.

Specialised English language tuition is provided where required, however, a significant part of the student learning programme is accessed through regular classes where they build strong relationships with our own students.

International students at East Otago High are busy people, getting involved in all aspects of the school. We encourage our overseas students to do the same and experience what it is like to live as a ’kiwi’ student. This includes involvement in the sporting and cultural life of the school.

The strength and uniqueness of our international programme exposes students to rural life in New Zealand as well as Urban life in Dunedin 35 minutes away. This helps our students to appreciate and celebrate diversity and prepares them for future possibilities throughout the world.

Stationery Information

Allow $200

Stationery lists can be viewed or downloaded here:

Uniform Information

Uniform can be purchased new or second-hand – allow $500 for boys or $600 for girls for new and $50 – $400 second-hand

Fees and Costs

One Year (40weeks): $12000

One semester (20 weeks): $6000

One term (10 weeks): $3000

Homestay Fee: $250 per week

Administration Fee: One year: $1200

One semester: $1000

One term: $600

Suggested Incidentals Fund

Used to pay for any additional costs. Any remaining funds will be refunded at the end of your course.

One year: $1000

One semester: $600

One term: $500

Other Costs

Entry fees for NCEA Examinations fees tbc-$383.30

School trips – costs vary

Involvement in sports and extra-curricular activities – some have a small fee Some subjects such as Hospitality, BCats have an additional cost for materials

Spending money

Travel to, from, and within New Zealand


International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while in New Zealand. Insurance can be arranged by the school, or by your agent. Unicare Insurance can be purchased through East Otago High School for approximately $600 per year

Code of Practice

East Otago High School is bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students Years 7 to 13 as published by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.  Our Director of international students is Mr. Marcus Cooper.

Mr. Cooper may be contacted at

Some FAQ's

At our school we teach students from 11 to 18, however we prefer international student to be at least 13 years of age (Year 9). If you have any queries about making an application, please contact the Director of International Students.

All international students are placed with very caring host families living in or near the township of Palmerston where the school is situated. A homestay co-ordinator will keep a very close watch on how you are fitting into your new surroundings and can help with any concerns or questions.

East Otago High School has a roll of around 165 students. While this is small, it is also a very good thing because it means classes are generally no bigger than 20 students. This means you have more time with your teachers.

Dunedin is the closest major city. It is approximately 40 minutes by car. Students travel to Dunedin weekly for sports competitions or family events. The world know University of Otago is situated in Dunedin. Dunedin is a vibrant student city, in beautiful natural surroundings. Local people are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. It’s a great place to live.

You can begin your studies at the beginning of any term, although we prefer you to join us at the beginning of the school year as it makes it easier for you to settle in.

The school offers a wide range of activities outside of the usual academic curriculum, and we encourage all our students to take part. You can read about some of these activities in our supporting documentation

To see the full range of subjects available at East Otago High School click here

We have a long list of current and past pupils from countries including:





Hong Kong




They have all improved their English, achieved qualifications, broadened their life experiences and made lifelong friends whilst studying at East Otago High School.