East Otago High School has a strong tradition of cultural activities carried out by the students and enjoyed by the community.

Students eligible to move into Year 7 or above may to seek enrolment at East Otago High School. As some contributing schools go through to the end of Year 8 it is quite common for students to begin in Year 9. Currently, the school does not have an enrolment scheme therefore there are no restrictions on enrolment.

If you are interested in looking around the school please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with the Principal and/or Dean.

Steps for enrolling at EOHS

Stationery Information

Stationery lists can be viewed or downloaded here:

Years 7 & 8

Years 9 & 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

Fees and Donations

In 2020 the school opted into the Ministry of Education Donation Scheme.

Parents will still be responsible for Year 11 – 13 BCAT’s material costs, sports fees, non-curriculum-based activities, and overnight camps/trips.

International Students: Approximately $9000.

Uniform Details from 2023

BOYS (Year 7 to 10) (ALL YEAR ROUND)

●  Black longer-length shorts or black long-dress trousers (no logos)

●  Polo shirt (Regulation) (NZ Uniforms)

●  Polar fleece (Regulation) (NZ Uniforms)

●  Black(plain)crew socks

●  School polo sweatshirt/ hoodie (Regulation) (NZ Uniforms)

●  School outdoor jacket (Regulation) (Mainland Uniforms) or

black puffa jacket

●  Black leather shoes (must be able to be polished)

GIRLS (Year 7 to 10) (ALL YEAR ROUND)

●  Black skirt/black shorts/ black long dress trousers (no logos)

●  New polo shirt (Regulation) (NZ Uniforms)

●  New polar fleece (Regulation) (NZ Uniforms)

●  Black (plain) crew socks/ black tights

●  School outdoor jacket (Regulation) (Mainland Uniforms) or

black puffa Jacket

●  Black leather shoes (must be able to be polished)


●  Black dress trousers/black longer-style shorts (Regulation)

●  White long/ short sleeve shirt

●  Black(plain)crew socks

●  School outdoor jacket (Regulation) (Mainland Uniforms) or

black puffa Jacket

●  Ties (plain green) (NZ Uniforms)

●  Black leather shoes (that can be polished)


●  Kilt/ black dress trousers (Regulation)

●  White long/ short sleeve blouse

●  Black tights or black crew/black knee-high socks

●  School outdoor jacket (Regulation) (Mainland Uniforms) or

black puffa Jacket

●  Ties (Plain green) (NZ Uniforms)

●  Black leather shoes (that can be polished)

Singlets- Sports tops- Shorts (NZ Uniforms)

BYOD Information

Students can bring their own devices if they wish but it is not a requirement set by the school in Year 7 and Year 8

All students in Year 9 to Year 13 are expected to bring in a device.

We have placed some clear guidelines around BYOD:

  • Devices can only be used in the classroom for work as directed by the teacher.
  • A student is fully responsible for the care and upkeep of their own device. The device must be fully charged at the start of each day. Please ensure the device is covered in your household insurance policy.
  • Only Chromebooks/laptops with a screen of 11 inches or larger may be brought into school. Mobile phones cannot be used in the classroom. We deem 11 inches to be the smallest size a screen may be and still be of active use across a range of applications.

The devices we recommend are Chromebooks which will allow students to access school work using the Google Suite of tools, such as Google Classroom, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. Chromebooks have a long battery life once fully charged and will generally last the full day.

Please download and sign the Cybersfatey Use Agreement Form below:
Boys Winter Uniform
Girls Winter Uniform