Our Board of Trustees

To maatau poari kaitiaki

The Board of Trustees is made up of members elected from the Parent Body, the Senior Student Body, the Staff Body and the Principal.  Their role is to set policy and to ensure that East Otago High School is meeting its targets in terms of the National Curriculum and East Otago High School’s Strategic Plan.

The Board of Trustees works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and East Otago High School’s teachers to ensure that student learning is optimised through the provision of sound policies and systems.

Meet our Board of Trustees

  • Peggy Bridger (Chairperson) 

  • Paul Paton (Parent Representative)
  • Julia Rata Te Raki (Parent Representative)

  • Liz Walker (Parent Representative)
  • Ron Sheat (Parent Representative)
  • Marcus Cooper (Principal) 

  • Lynn Murphy (BoT Secretary) 

  • Kirsty McLachlan (Staff Representative) 

  • Lily Blasby (Student Representative) 

How to get in touch with our BOT:

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