Our School

To maatau kura

We are a true community school that values the importance of fostering positive relationships between students, staff, family and the wider community. East Otago High School is located on immaculately maintained and well resourced grounds in Palmerston allowing us easy access to Central Otago, Oamaru and Dunedin.

Our students achieve. We have consistently achieved NCEA pass rates which are at the highest level nationally. We produce high calibre young people who have the skills to become valued members of society.

We know the importance that our diverse community plays in developing our students and look for meaningful opportunities to form partnerships where our students learn from community members. We can honestly say we are an integral and important part of the East Otago community and “proud to be Eastern”. We have a committed staff that work incredibly hard in and out of the classroom to offer multiple learning opportunities. The teachers are reflective in their practice and responsive to an exponentially changing world to ensure our students are well prepared for life after school either in further tertiary study or in the job market.

Key strengths of the school:

For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in

  • leadership and governance that is focused on the learning and wellbeing of students

  • collaboration with and participation in the local community

  • a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs and interests of its students

The Eastern Way

East Otago High School is an SWPB4L school, focussing on a school wide approach. SWPB4L cards are issued to students by teachers if they act with respect, responsibility or motivation. Cards are put into a box at the office for the weekly draw at assemblies.

Show respect for yourself and others

Be respectful of our environment

Show the qualities of a responsible Eastern Citizen

Be responsible for your own learning

Show motivation through speech and actions

Be motivated and challenge yourself