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Whakapā mai

Stour St, P O Box 58, PALMERSTON, Otago, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 4651 513
Fax: +64 3 4651 605

If you wish to contact individual staff members directly, use your own email programme and see the email contact list below. Please be aware that any email sent to a teacher can at any time be referred to higher authorities.

Full staff contact list

Acting Principal Mr Keith Fleury
Acting Deputy Principal Mr Ian Adamson
Acting Assistant Principal  Dr Helen McIntyre

Mrs Leanne McLeod
Mrs Kylie Scott

Dean Year 11 – 13 Dr Helen McIntyre
Dean Year 9 – 10 Ms Erin Kempthorne
Dean Year 7 – 8 Mr Kelvin Cummings

Mr Johnny Herewini
Ms Jacqueline Guile
Miss Erin Kempthorne
Ms Kirsty McLachlan
Mr Brian Strang
Mr Brett Smith
Mr Chris Walker
Mrs Kate O’Connell
Dr Helen McIntyre
Mrs R Fitzgerald
Ms Rachel Foster
Miss Sian Downes
Mr Richard Cruice
Mr Neil Hayes
Emily McKenzie

General Enquiries

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