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SWPB4L – an introduction:

swpb4l001swpb4l002SWPB4L is a programme which aims to build a sustainable school culture of respect and competence, enabling students to strive to reach their full potential.

It is developed by on-going consultation parents, students, community and all staff.swpb4l003

swpb4l004 swpb4l005Integral to this SWPB4L is the development of a caring culture where students and staff feel valued, and the whole school community feels safe.

An essential element of this programme is the development of consistent expectations across the whole school. This will enable students to identify their strengths and strive for their potential.swpb4l006

It is a matter of working smarter, not harder; as relationships and behaviour across the school community improve so too will student engagement in their learning and academic achievement.

swpb4l007 swpb4l008As SWPB4L is implemented there should be noticeable improvements in behaviour and learning but long term commitment is necessary to effect a sustainable change in school culture. It is not a “quick fix”.swpb4l009

SWPB4L provides a structure for the many initiatives already in place in our school. It is designed to address our needs and support our strategic plan.

swpb4l010 swpb4l011Young people, through direct teaching, will learn appropriate behaviour.swpb4l012

It is based on reinforcement for “doing the right thing”. Most students will succeed when a positive school culture is promoted.

swpb4l014 swpb4l013It is sustainable because decisions about actions are based on consistent data.swpb4l015

At EOHS the SWPB4L team consists of Lennox Sharp, Dyanne Ford, Tony Jenkins, Sarah Nielson, John Musket, Lynda Gemmill, Stefan Witehira, Peter Murray and Kirsty McLachlan. Their job is to assess and monitor behaviour, support practices and patterns across the school and then develop, oversee, monitor, evaluate and update the school wide action plan.


  1. This SWPB4L rewards system is to promote an understanding of our three overarching values – respect, responsibility and motivation
  2. All staff (This includes teacher aides, office staff, library staff – and even the drivers of the minibuses) will have reward cards to hand out to any student that they see showing respect, or responsibility or who have been motivated.
  3. Staff will tick, name and sign the card. They will also tell the students what behaviour they observed.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to place the card in the box on the office bench.
  5. At each Assembly two cards will be randomly pulled out to receive a weekly prize. (These prizes are significant and desirable!)
  6. All cards will be kept for both the end of term and end of year prize giving when special prizes will be drawn for.
  7. When a student gets five cards then a letter will be sent home to tell parents that they have displayed positive behaviour on these occasions.