After feedback from parents/caregivers/staff and students, we have revised our policy in relation to using phones in the classroom.

From Monday the 21st of June, mobile phones and smart devices are not allowed to be used in classroom situations. 

Our new policy is as follows:

1. Students cannot use their phones or smart devices in timetabled classes.
The Only exception to the rule will be Photography.

2. That includes Smart Watches, Phones and any music capable device.

3. Students cannot wear or use earpods/headphones during timetable classes.

4. Students can still use their devices at break times.

5. Staff will remind students at the beginning if each period to secure their devices before the class starts.

6. If they break the rule there are no further warnings, their phone/device will be confiscated and placed at the office. For the first offence, they can pick it up at the end of the day. For the second offence, the device will only be handed over to you the parents/caregivers. For the third offence, they are banned from bringing their device to school for the remainder of that term.