In 2023 we will be introducing a BYOD policy for Year 9-13 students.

This will ensure that every student has their own device with their personal specifications and settings ready for learning. This will allow our students to develop personal responsibility for their devices and ensure they have a fully charged chromebook to engage in all learning at EOHS. Previously the school has provided these and maintained them with ongoing considerable cost which we can no longer sustain.

We believe that a ‘blended’ approach to teaching and learning is the most appropriate way to deliver the curriculum in the 21st century. Blended learning classrooms use the best of both worlds – digital and paper – to support learning. The focus is on learning rather than the device. When and how a digital device is used is dependent on the learning goal for each lesson. Our staff recognise the important role that digital technology plays in engaging our 21st-century learners, accessing information and collaborating and sharing with others.

All students are expected to bring in a device.

We have placed some clear guidelines around BYOD:

  • Devices can only be used in the classroom for work as directed by the teacher.

  • A student is fully responsible for the care and upkeep of their own device. The device must be fully charged at the start of each day. Please ensure the device is covered in your household insurance policy.

  • Only chromebooks/laptops with a screen of 11 inches or larger may be brought into school. Mobile phones cannot be used in the classroom. We deem 11 inches to be the smallest size a screen may be and still be of active use across a range of applications.

The devices we recommend are Chromebooks which will allow students to access school work using the Google Suite of tools, such as Google Classroom, Google Docs, Gmail etc. Chromebooks have a long battery life once fully charged and will generally last the full day.

Most Chromebooks can be purchased for between $280 and $370 dollars. There are many different models.

The one below is just one model but does highlight suitable specifications to allow the device to work on our school system.

ASUS Chromebook CX1101CMA-GJ0011 11.6″ HD AG Intel

Celeron N4020 4GB 32GB eMMC ChromeOS 1yr warranty –

WiFiAC + BT5, Webcam, USB-C (with Power Delivery &

DP), MicroSD Reader

This particular Chromebook is currently available from PB Tech at $322.

However, there are many other suppliers such as Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman with similar Chromebooks and prices.

If you are considering devices different to Chromebooks, we highly recommend Windows based devices rather than Apple as Windows devices will work with our network setup.