Year 7 & 8

East Otago High School offers a broad curriculum with specialist teachers and modern facilities. Year 7 and 8 students have the benefits of a homeroom structure providing security and this is enhanced through the larger school structure.


We have  a “Google Classroom” for each of our classes. This is the medium by which homework is carried out.

Students will be expected to go to the “Classroom” and answer the questions posed there. They need to contribute at least one comment per subject.  (There is an English section as well as a Social Studies one.)

Our expectation is that students will think in-depth about their response. Reading other students’ ideas and typing in their own contributions will help improve literacy skills which are so essential to all learning.

If internet or computer access is an issue computers are available in A Block and the library at interval and lunchtimes. The computer room is also open every lunchtime.

In addition, Maths homework is done via an online programme called “Maths Buddy”.Each week students will be assigned tasks to complete and a time frame in which to do this. Students are expected to complete this work in their own time. If internet access at home is an issue for your family students can do this work at school at interval or lunchtime. Computers are available in the Year 7 & 8 block, library or computer room.

Often tasks will be accompanied with instructional videos to help the students if they have forgotten the work covered in class.

At the bottom of the home page for this website are links for “Speed Tests” and “Time Tables” which we encourage students to challenge themselves with as this will aid their retention of basic Maths facts and their progress in this subject.

Your support in encouraging your child to use this website regularly is appreciated.


Students have extensive access to technology at school including sets of chromebooks dedicated to the Year 7 and 8 classes. The library and the computer suites are available at lunchtime for students’ recreational or homework needs. Online access is available via personal log-ins. Students’ devices can be linked to the school network on request.

Specialist Subjects

Students rotate through the following subjects during the year. This ensures that all students cover all the subjects in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Te Reo (Maori), Materials Technology, Home Economics, Music, ICT, and Visual Arts


Each student will have 10 words to learn each fortnight. These words are taken from students’ writing and topic lists as appropriate. Parental help ensuring this happens would be appreciated. These words are kept in the students’ homework diaries. Tests are held every fortnight.

Basic Maths Facts

Ready recall of basic addition and subtraction as well as knowledge of the multiplication tables is essential for success in our Mathematics programme.


East Otago High School has a designated librarian, who supports class programmes, and is available to help students during interval and lunchtime. Students are also able to become “Student Librarians” and help with issuing books at break times.

Current Events

Events occurring locally, nationally and internationally are discussed in form classes and students are encouraged to become aware of major happenings. There is a current events test each week.

Lunchtime Activities

A wide variety of lunchtime activities are provided. This includes access to the school swimming pool in Terms 1 and 4. Students are encouraged to be actively involved as much as possible. Students have access to the computer room, library, and sports equipment during this time as well.

Cultural and Sporting Opportunities

East Otago High School offers a range of cultural and sporting activities including: Kapa Haka, Choir, Orchestra, and a variety of sports teams. If students are interested in becoming involved in these activities their first point of contact is their Form Teacher.

Guidance Counsellor

East Otago High School has a school counsellor and is available for consultation. Students wishing to see the counsellor can request an appointment by filling in the appropriate form available from the school office. Wherever possible these appointments will be scheduled to have minimum impact on classroom learning.

Student Council

Two representatives from each form class are elected as their class representatives on the school student council. This is run by Year 13 students and provides a forum whereby students may become actively involved in the running of the school and suggest new initiatives.

Peer Support

This programme runs for one period a week during Term One. Year 13 students work with small groups of Year 7s in a mentoring role.


Lunches can be purchased via the school office every day except Fridays. Orders need to be placed before the school day starts.


Any information regarding absences from school must be given to the form teacher or the school office.

Leaving School Grounds

Students may not leave the school grounds without permission or signing out at the office.