The Technology Department at East Otago High school consists of a multi-material based workshop with facilities for fabricating Wood, Metals and Plastics. Other facilities include an attached Design and visual communications room and a Food & Fabrics room. All facilities are well equipped for Technology at all levels.

Students in the junior school will be involved in all aspects of technology with modules being run in Year 7 to 10 in Hard Materials, Food and Fabric and Information Technology. Graphics is introduced for all Year 10 students, for half year modules.

Woodwork Senior students can enrol in courses such as B Construction and BC ITO to gain credits at Levels 1 and 2, as well Achievement Standards in Graphics and Home Economics.

Senior students choosing to enrol in Digital Technologies courses have the chance to gain Achievement Standard credits at Level 1 and 2. This course utilises various computer based software, and prepares students for the changing technological world. Aspects of the course include website design, software operation, animation, plus more.