Social Sciences

Social Studies is taught throughout all levels of the school and enjoyed by students who get to learn about the world around them.

Year 7-8: Social Studies is taught as part of homeroom classes. The teaching programme is an odd year/even year structure. Students learn different topics ranging from Vikings to Pacific Explorers to Natural Disasters.

Year 9-10: At this level Social Studies is compulsory and is taught by specialist classroom teachers. The teaching programme is an odd year/even year structure. Students learn different topics ranging from the Treaty of Waitangi to Earth Under Pressure to Social Organisation. At Year 10 there is a focus on preparing students for NCEA, teaching them the skills they will need to progress.

History: History is offered at all levels at NCEA. Students are taught a variety of skills from essay writing to source interpretation to in-depth historical research. They are taught a variety of different subjects like, Year 11: Protest in NZ, Black Civil Rights in the USA, and NZ and WW1. Year 12: Rise of the Nazi Party, The Vietnam War and NZ and the Cold War era. Year 13: Global Colonisation with a special focus on NZ.

Business Studies: This is a new Year 11 subject in 2014 which is a mix of business studies and economics achievement standards. We are also looking at forming a Young Enterprise group as part of this course.

Geography: Geography is offered at all levels of NCEA and is very popular with students at EOHS. Students are taught a variety of skills from mapping and graphing to Geographic research. Students are taught subjects ranging from Extreme Natural Hazards to Population Studies to Resource Sustainability in our local area. There are 25 credits on offer in this course and we have had successful NCEA grades in this course including 2 scholarships awarded!

Economics: Is currently offered through the Correspondence School and Video Conferencing classes


Social Science Extra Curricular

  • Junior Social Studies ODT Extra Quiz for Year 7-10
  • Year 11 Maatangi Whenua Geography Competition – won the Otago/Southland title in 2010 and 2011 and third place in 2012!
  • Year 11 Geography field trip to Oceania Gold Macrae’s Gold Mine
  • Year 13 Geography field trip to Tautuku, Milford Sound and Queenstown!
  • Year 11 and 13 History Quiz
  • Young Historians Award
  • In the 2013 April Holidays a group of Year 12 students went on a History trip to Vietnam.
  • In the Otago wide History quiz we won the Year 12/13 competition in 2012 and also placed 2nd and 3rd in the Year 11 competition that same year. In 2013 we placed 2nd in the Year 12/13 competition.