The Mathematics Department offers inspiring, comprehensive, dynamic, practical courses catering for the individual needs of all students. The Year 7 – 10 courses cover Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, giving the students a wide grounding in all topics.

In Year 11 all students, in consultation with parents and teachers, opt into a course of mathematics according to their ability level – we offer two different courses: a foundation course that is designed to give students practical and relevant mathematical skills for everyday use at home or in the workplace, and a higher level course involving algebra and problem solving for those intending to continue Math’s into Year 12.

For Year 12 and Year 13 the courses are set up to further extend mathematical minds leading towards tertiary study and career pathways.

Right throughout the school the student’s progress is tracked and specific needs are identified. Support is offered in a number of ways: student support personnel, differentiated learning tasks, computer programs, and tutorials if required. The department encourages students to engage and progress to the best of their abilities.