Languages at EOHS

Why learn Te Reo/Māori?

EOHS offers a Te Reo programme from year 7—10.

During Year 7 and 8, students have a Te Reo lesson once a week for two terms. The programme is based on an odd/even year cycle. Even year focus is on Kai (food) and odd year focus is Te Marae (the marae). Alongside the Vocabulary and Tikanga of these topics students build a basic Kupu Hou (word bank) of greetings, simple questions about their families friends and classroom.

The Year 9 programme builds on the basics covered in the junior school. They study sentence structure and simple conversations. Year 9 students have two periods of Te Reo for two terms. One group focus on Matariki and the second group study Parihaka.

Te Reo at Year 10 is an option. Students have two periods a week for the full year. Students at this level work more formally making use of the text books Te Reo Take Take and Te Matapuna. The programme is focused on preparing students to have the confidence and skill to study for NCEA Level 1 by correspondence.

There is always close liaison with the local marae.


Why learn German/Deutsch?


Y7 and Y8 German

East Otago High School offers a German programme for Year 7 and 8. This programme is a two year programme in which students have lessons twice a week for a third of the year.

The programme begins with an introduction to basic vocabulary and key phrases. Students will learn to introduce themselves and talk about their family, age, birthday, where they are from, and their house. In addition to this, students will learn to count to 100 and say the German alphabet. Throughout the course students will also be introduced to German life and culture through the Ministry of Education’s ‘Ja’ series.

In the following year students will continue to learn about the differences and similarities between New Zealand and German culture and build on their language knowledge from the previous year. They will also learn how to talk about the subjects they are taking at school, their pets, hobbies, sport, food, and how to tell the time.

The key aim of the Year 7 and 8 programme is to introduce students to another language and culture.


Year 9 and Year 10 German

In Year 9 students have 3 German lessons a week for a Term. In Year 10 students can choose to study German. In Year 10 students have 3 German lessons a week for 2 terms.

The Year 9 German programme builds on the knowledge and ability students have developed in Year 7 and 8. It also helps create a foundation for students wishing to study German in Year 10 and give students who wish to travel to German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein) the phrases they need to communicate at a basic level.

The Year 10 German programme focuses on developing a foundation for students wishing to study German as an NCEA subject.

In both programmes students will cover a diverse range of topics often based around the ‘Katzensprung’ textbooks and workbooks. Students in the Year 9 and Year 10 programme also use the computer programme ‘Languagenut’ to learn their vocabulary.

In Year 9 and Year 10 students will extend their vocabulary and focus on the skills integral to language learning: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Students will also continue to learn about the similarities and differences between German and New Zealand culture in the course.