Career Education

East Otago High School provides an excellent focus on careers for Year 7 to 13 students by providing opportunities for all levels to:

  • Make our students aware that their career choices are likely to have a dramatic impact on their future happiness and prosperity
  • To provide an environment where all students have ready access to quality career advice
  • To instigate an environment within the school which enables all teachers to be part of the Careers’ team
  • To provide quality career information at all levels within the school


Learning Areas

  • Years 7 and 8: students develop self-awareness
  • Years 9,10,11,12: students become aware of opportunities
  • Years 11,12,13: students start making decisions and planning
  • Years 12 and 13: Students take action



Many opportunities are given to students to move through the career learning areas. They include:

  • Gateway programme
  • Star programme
  • Work Week scheme for Year 10 students
  • Guest speakers ranging from tertiary education sector, ITOs, Careers’ Services, to ex students
  • Students participating in Army, Navy, Air Force Challenge week
  • All year 9-13 attending the Coca-Cola Expo held yearly
  • Careers’ evenings organised by the Careers’ team
  • Participation in the Waitaki Mayoral Task Force, which gives students the opportunity to experience first -hand a number of industries within our doorsteps
  • Displays throughout the school which provide students with the latest information re short or long term programmes available throughout New Zealand