Enrolment Information

Students eligible to move into Year 7 or above may to seek enrolment at East Otago High School. As some contributing schools go through to the end of Year 8 it is quite common for students to begin in Year 9. Currently the school does not have an enrolment scheme therefore there are no restrictions on enrolment.

If you are interested in looking around the school please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with the Principal and/or Dean.

An open day for all prospective Year 5 & 6 students is generally held in late June with all parents/caregivers being most welcome. This day is full day at the school with special activities organised to show students what happens at EOHS. Students also attend an orientation day in late November, early December to help with the transition to secondary schooling.

From time to time families also make inquiries to enrol students during the school year. Parents/caregivers are asked to make contact with the office where the following details will be asked for:

  • School photo
  • Students name and age
  • Caregiver details – name and address
  • School history – covering the previous two years
  • Academic ability
  • Any special considerations

An enrolment packs are available via the link above, postage, or can be picked up from the office. These packs include a prospectus and enrolment form. An interview with the caregivers will be organised within 5 school days or earlier where possible to discuss the proposed enrolment.

Where no issues arise, students will be able to start at the school when an enrolment form has been completed and they have a full uniform (except Year 13 who wear mufti).

*Please be aware that you may be asked to provide a birth certificate or residency details on enrolment.



Activity Fee: $50 for a single child ($80 per family)
Subject Fees: Differ according to the subject. Please contact the office.
International Students: Approximately $9000.