Head Student Report

Head Student report outlining school life and upcoming events.

The students have been very busy over the past few weeks with swimming sports, school camps, house fridays and general Term 1 busyness. With things kicking off for the year, there is much to do. The Junior Social tonight is not only a fundraiser but an opportunity to relax, have fun and connect with other students. By showing our school values of respect, responsibility and motivation, everybody has the opportunity to succeed in and enjoy the work ahead.

The last few weeks have been overshadowed by the horrific events of last Friday the 15th of March. As a school, community, and country, this has changed our perspective on the world around us. Students have a different way of seeing the world, and united as one, we stand against this. At East Otago, while we cannot fully comprehend the effect of this on those directly impacted, we can do our part to support and honour the people of Christchurch and the Muslim community. On that sentiment, the Year 13s and the Student Council requested a mufti day in support of the victims. In bright colours, we will stand together and send messages and donations to the schools of Christchurch, to the students like us who have been affected. Now is the time for us to come together as a Nation because “They are us” and we are them. Tomorrow we will send our messages of love and respect, showing the values of our students and our school to the world.

By Head Student