Year 7 and 8

East Otago High School offers a broad curriculum with specialist teachers and modern facilities. Year 7 and 8 students have the benefits of a homeroom structure providing security and this is enhanced through the larger school structure.


Year 7 & 8 have weekly homework. This will be issued every Wednesday and can also be accessed via this website. The homework is due every Tuesday. Parents are required to sign the completed work. There is an expectation that students well achieve at least 40 out of 50 possible marks. A homework club is run every Wednesday in the school library from 3:15 until 4pm if students would like help with their work. When there is a current homework sheet there will be a following link here.

Homework Sheets will be posted on the library website through 2015.


Students have access to school computers both in their homerooms, the library and in the computer suites. The library and the computer suites are available at lunchtime for students’ recreational or homework needs. Online access is available via personal log-ins; however there is a limit to the amount of data that students can download.


Every Year 7 & 8 student is issued with a locker. Students can choose to use a padlock to secure their belongings. This can be done by making arrangements with their Form Teacher.


Students will complete six months of Te Reo and six months of German.

Technology & Art

Materials Technology, Food and Fabric Technology, and Visual Arts are rotated within the year ensuring that all students cover the various subjects in the New Zealand Curriculum. A similar rotation is in place for Music, German, and Te Reo.


Each student will have at least 16 words to learn each week. Parental help ensuring this happens would be appreciated. Tests will be held each week.

Basic Maths Facts

Ready recall of basic addition and subtraction as well as knowledge of the multiplication tables is essential for success in our Mathematics programme.


Every week classes are allocated a period in the library. Within this period students are encouraged to get books out and widen their literary knowledge. Library books must be returned by their due date. We also have a number of e-readers that are available for students to borrow.

Current Events

Events occurring locally, nationally and internationally are discussed in form classes and students are encouraged to become aware of major happenings. There is a current events test every Friday.

Lunchtime Activities

A wide variety of lunchtime activities are provided. This includes access to the school swimming pool in Terms 1 and 4. Students are encouraged to be actively involved as much as possible.

Cultural and Sporting Opportunities

East Otago High School offers a range of cultural and sporting activities including: KapaHaka, Choir, Orchestra, and a variety of sports teams. If students are interested in becoming involved in these activities their first point of contact is their Form Teacher.

Guidance Counsellor

Mrs Lynda Gemmell is our school Counsellor and is available for consultation three days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). Students wishing to see Mrs Gemmell can request an appointment by filling in the appropriate form available from her office. Wherever possible these appointments will be scheduled to have minimum impact on classroom learning.

Student Council

Two representatives from each form class are elected as their class representatives on the school student council. This is run by Year 13 students and provides a forum whereby students may become actively involved in the running of the school and suggest new initiatives.

Peer Support

This programme runs for one period a week during Term One. Year 13 students work with small groups of Year 7s in a mentoring role.


Lunches can be purchased from McGregors in Palmerston via the school office on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.


Any information regarding absences from school must be given to the form teacher or the school office.

Leaving School Grounds

Students may not leave the school grounds without permission or signing the book at the office.