english1The English Department at East Otago High School provides a wide range of learning experiences, with a focus on high expectations for all students. There is an emphasis on reading, and developing a love of literature through enthusiastic teaching of novels, plays, poetry and short stories at all levels. Visual language in the form of film appreciation is also enjoyed by students. Furthermore, students are encouraged to be creative in their own pieces of writing and are skilled in the draft writing process from Year 7.

In Year 10 the emphasis is on preparation for NCEA, and students undertake a Level 1 Unit Standard – Wide Reading.

At senior level, most students take a full Achievement Standards course, with a personalised Alternative English Programme possible because of small class sizes. NCEA results at all levels are to a high standard.

In Term 4 of each year, Senior and Junior Speech Competitions are held, with the trophies presented at Prize-giving. There will also be a separate category for Intermediate students in Years 7/8. So students at all levels are encouraged to be confident public speakers.

Book Week is held annually for Years 7 – 10 students to compete in a range of activities, including listening to visiting writers and illustrators. Visiting groups of actors are welcome to give performances from time to time, and class groups often put on plays for parents/caregivers.

Our Literacy Programme has broadened to a school-wide Peer Reading exercise once a week for 25 minutes which is enjoyed by all students and is proving most beneficial.