Mobile Phone Policy Updates

As you are aware, we are now updating our policies in line with the our approach to banning mobile phones and music devices from Classrooms.

The student handbook has been updates and available on this website under About Us/Student Handbook. Link here

We are currently looking at our BoT Policies and procedures to ensure they reflect the new policy.

Our Staff Handbook has also been updated to mirror this policy;

This is the Staff handbook Update:

Mobile Phones & other Electronic Devices

The school currently allows mobile phones that can be used outside of teaching times, such as lunchtime and Interval.  The school has a policy around the use of mobile phones, which all students are expected to agree to and follow. Failure to follow the guidelines of the policy will result in the phone being confiscated and handed to the office for safe keeping.
The phone will remain at the office until a parent or caregiver picks it up.   For a second offence the student will be banned from bringing their phone to school for period of one term.
Although students are allowed to use their phones at break times, it is expected they will use them responsible. Failure to do so will mean they will be banned from bringing their phone to school for a period of one term.

Other electronic devices are also currently permitted at school but may only be used during interval or lunchtime.

This link will go to the updated version of our acceptable use policy. The policy now reflects our new Mobile Phone policy.